Nonflammable Thatched Roofs

The prospective flammability of the thatched (or any other all-natural materials, e.g. wooden shingles) roofing is usually a cause why the property owners do not decide to thatch their residences.

They are correct – reed is flammable…

and they are wrong – we dwell now in moments when science is equipped to flip any flammable things into a nonflammable (even hearth retardant) content (I strongly hope we are just a single stage absent from inventing the nonflammable security matches).

In the past, the thatchers solved this trouble with dipping the thatching straw into the mud. It fashioned a hard, nonflammable crust more than the thatched roofing so it was pretty safe and sound when confronted with some scaled-down fires (fireplace sparks, etc…).

Currently you have much extra choices how to make your thatched roof fireproof as nicely.

Following techniques of fireproofing your thatch roof are well worth your consideration:

Hearth retardant sprays for thatched roofing

There are some substances obtainable on the market, like e.g. Flame End I-DS, which stop the distribute of flames by establishing a chemically self extinguishing response.

Most of them are accessible in the form of an aerosole (spray).

Fireproof aluminum foils

As aluminum is correctly nonflammable materials (it is a metallic equipped to very last high temperatures) even a slender foil aids to keep your household interriors thermally divided from the roof (this is the approach that doesn´t shield the roofing materials itself – let it burn, if fireplace is its destiny, but somewhat keeps the other areas of the dwelling separated and so protected from the roof in flames).

Fireproof batts (thatch batts) that are generally used for filling the roof framing areas between the truss beams. Thatch batts actually are the rockwool batts, once more, separating the thatched roofing from one more pieces of the residence.

Do you assume none of the earlier mentioned pointed out solutions would protect your house adequate from fire?

Individually perhaps they wouldn´t… but why don´t you combine them? You´ll get a single actually reputable, h2o- and fireproof, natural, ecological and amazing-on the lookout thatching product that last decades and is immediately reparable at lower value.

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