Understand to Converse Like a Hippie

Want to understand how to communicate like a hippie? The flower young children of the 1960s invented dozens of counter-tradition text and expressions to describe their ordeals and beliefs. Whether or not you are planning a social gathering to rejoice peace and love, or just want to learn some hipster slang, listed here is a limited checklist of hippie terms and expressions.

Child or Babe: A time period of fondness for adult men or women, like “Honey.”

Bag: A most loved hobby or pursuit, as in, “Actively playing guitar is my bag, toddler.”

Ban the Bra: A feminist catchphrase. The bra was regarded a image of women’s oppression and bras had been sometimes burned in protest.

Bread: Funds or income. “I want I failed to have to operate, but I want the bread.”

Bummer: Unfortunate occurrence or unhappy sensation. “What a bummer, person!”

Cat: A likable male.

Chick: A fairly, young girl.

Great: Admirable or stylish, and deserving of emulation.

Cop out: Lame excuse for inaction or having the lazy way out. “He reported the pet dog ate all our brownies. What a cop out!”

Dig: “I dig it,” usually means, “I realize your place of check out.” Also a way to explain a little something you like a large amount, as in, “I genuinely dig people sandals.”

Do your have point!: Do whichever makes you pleased.

Drag: Boring or disappointing. “What a drag!”

Considerably Out!: “Great!”

Flower Kids: Hippies had been called Flower Little ones due to the fact they wore flowers in their hair, on their clothes and painted bouquets on everything.

Flower Power: Bouquets symbolized the electricity of really like in excess of despise. Most famously, hippies put flower stems in the gun barrels of law enforcement in the course of war protests.

Funky: Fashionable in an unconventional way. For case in point, tunes and fashions can be funky.

Generation Gap: Defines the divergence in between the ideals of modern-day, youthful older people and those of more mature and additional conservative generations.

Get Real: Be practical. You are in denial.

Go with the Flow: Be quiet and permit matters transpire at their possess pace.

Groovy!: Most pleasurable! The coolest!

Hassle: Issues or problems. “I bought hassled by the police. What a headache!”

If It Feels Very good, Do It: Be uninhibited, enjoy on your own as you desire.

Laid Back: Tranquil and tranquil. “The group was laid again.”

Lid: A $10 bag of cannabis, a total ounce at the time.

Like Beads: All-natural beads that had been fun to dress in and entertaining to give as a mark of friendship.

Enjoy-In: A hippie going on with enjoy for all things as the central theme.

Make Enjoy, Not War: Hippies shouted this slogan to protest war and endorse peace and adore.

Guy: Spoken in put of a man’s name, as in dude, buddy, pal, pal, chum. “Hey, man, I dig your Hendrix poster.”

The Male: An authority determine, esp. the law enforcement.

Mellow: Pleasurable and agreeable.

Mellow Out: Get it effortless keep relaxed.

Munchies: Ravenous hunger, “I’ve obtained the munchies!” Also indicates delectable food stuff, as in, “We set out a lot of munchies to share.”

Outta Sight or Out of Sight: Implies superb, “The Beatles are outta sight!”

Plastic: Phony or synthetic.

Rap: A rap suggests a welcoming discussion. To rap is to converse. The word was not linked with tunes as it is today.

Right On!: An exclamation that indicates, “I totally agree!” Political emphasis is indicated by a raised fist.

Righteous: Worthy and commendable.

Scene: The occasion or spot where cool men and women meet. “Dig this groovy scene!”

Selling Out: To abandon counter-tradition ideals for substance or particular acquire. “She marketed out to operate in a lender. What a provide-out!”

Break up: To depart. “Let us split this scene.” “We have to break up at midnight.”

Sq.: Describes a human being or factor that is conformist, straight-laced and quite un-cool. “My mother is these a square!”

Thing: Full obsession or preferred pastime. “Incense is my matter, newborn!”

Threads: Outfits.

Trippy: Intriguing and charming with psychedelic overtones.

Uptight: Pressured or on edge. “My father gets so uptight around my boyfriend.”

Vibes: Brief for vibrations, it usually means a feeling or intuition. “This area puts out wonderful vibes.” “I’m receiving negative vibes from that policeman.”

Way Out: Tough to imagine or genuinely astounding.

What’s Happenin’?: Whaddup?

Where It really is At!: Really recommended put to go. “Haight-Ashbury is where it really is at, child.”

This record of hippie slang is by no means full. What hippie terms or expressions do you know that are not on this listing?

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